Carradine, that’s varied pop/rock music with a distinct electronic touch. You cannot fail to hear their love for the sound of 80’s keyboards. Since Caroline and Max have a metal music background, their pop songs atypically carry lyrics that often are critical of society and question the system we’re living in.

Carradine, that’s Caroline Clement’s voice and her cousin Max composing and recording the instruments. They both have their roots in metal: Caroline was the singer of the powermetal band Ophidian, where her cousin Max hit the drums. She was part of Grammy winner Gast Waltzing’s Luscious Ladies Project and recorded an Album with Waltzing and the OPL (Orchestre Philharmonique Luxembourg). After Ophidian disbanded, Max founded Sleepers’ Guilt that released a double album not long ago. Caroline and Max have been playing music (together) since their childhood. Carradine is a family affair – this makes working together especially interesting and productive.
Carradine were present on the second Planet Lëtzebuerg album on which they covered the traditional Luxembourgish song An Amerika and recorded an EP in 2008 (Wind in the Willows) for charity (the benefits were donated to an orphanage).